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kein Brandenburg für alte Männer!

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As I had to make a day round-trip drive to Luxembourg last week, I grabbed a couple baroque CD boxes, including the one above with the complete Brandenburg concertos, that I had not opened for a long while. In such a long while that the foam protection had started to disintegrate, as I found when I opened the case! Anyway, I managed to clean the stuff away well enough to listen to the CDs (while staying on the mostly deserted road), which reminded me of a concert at the 92Y in New York City, 1988, where the orchestra (I cannot remember which chamber music group was playing) played the entire series. Listening to these pieces was most pleasant, except for the harpsichord parts in the 5th concerto, as I realised I could no longer hear clearly enough the harpsichord against the noise from the car…

flu & Bach

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As the cold I caught in England (maybe) last week was getting more severe, I went to see my doctor yesterday and he diagnosed a flu… So expect delays on the ‘Og in the coming days. (Interestingly, I have reached the part in Nate Silver’s book, The Signal and the Noise, about epidemics and the poor predictions related to the swine flu a few years ago.) What about Bach?! Well, my doctor always has classical music in his waiting room and Bach’s 6th Brandenburg concerto was playing while I was waiting, sneezing, and coughing. This piece is associated with my early childhood as it was on the only vinyl record my parents owned for quite a while, so we ended up listening to it very regularly… (In case you wonder, I still enjoy it very much!)

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