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would you walk this bridge with Mark?!

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Read this article on Mark Girolami (Warwick), now  Lloyd’s Register Foundation / Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair in Data Centric Engineering, who is starting a new project on the monitoring of the first 3D-printed bridge, soon to be installed in Amsterdam, by creating a virtual twin, fed by sensors from the real bridge, in order to check for safety and integrity. I like this notion of data-centric engineering! (Which sounds like the revenge of the statistician, at least in the ancient era of French engineering schools, when statistics was not considered a part of engineering.)

bruggen in Amsterdam

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Glasgow bridges & talk

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I had a nice run along the Kelvin river in Glasgow this morning, passing an incredible number of old bridges, some of them derelict with trees growing on them… Then came back to reorganise my slides towards a better introduction to ABC and a faster focus on the consistency result and assessment.

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A Roma [6]

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This morning, I had a run along Fiume Tevere in the fresh light of the early sun and it was another great run, with very few cars around. I went from Piazza del Popolo to Isola Tiberina in twenty minutes, passing ten bridges, and then headed back towards Villa Borghese by the Colosseo and via Cavour, in a relative peaceful traffic, despite the incoming bus strike…

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