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the last argument of kings [jatp]

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new camera (again!)

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IMG_0008Following the loss of my camera in the park, two weeks ago, I bought a new Canon Ixus 240 HS camera, which seems to sell in the US as a Canon Powershot ELPH 320 HS. The characteristics are very similar to the 155 model, which cost me about the same last year, except for an handy touchscreen and a slightly better optical zoom… The selection of options has gotten better, again thanks to the touchscreen, but I fear I will keep overusing the “super-vivid” option to keep catching colours in poor light… Here is the first attempt. (And sorry if this sounds like cheap advertising, I just picked the same brand as I was used to it and the vivid option could produce interesting if artificial effects!)

camera miracles: once, not thrice!

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As if a thumb was not enough, I lost the “new” Canon Ixus 115 H5 I bought in replacement of the (mediocre) Nikon Coolpix I lost on Ben Nevis (the title refer to the miracle mentioned in a post in February 2013, when I almost lost my (Nikon Coolpix L26) camera to the cloaca maxima, in Roma). This happened in the park on Sunday morning when I took it in my raincoat pocket to capture the serene heron standing guard at the end of the grand canal… The camera somehow fell from my pocket without me realising it (of course), presumably falling on soft ground and I only discovered it had happened five or six minutes later, when I stood next to the heron. I retraced my steps back but, even at 7:30 a Sunday morning, there was enough traffic for a runner to find it before me. (Maybe he had no gift ready for mother day!) It was not such a great camera and on its trip to Chamonix last X’mas with my daughter it had decided to host a small fungus that lived right on the lens, making zooming close to impossible. (The same thing had happened with the Nikon Coolpix the year before after falling in the snow during my X’mas ski trip.) Just a wee (bit ?) annoying… (Latest picture from the Canon Ixus to come on Sunday!)

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