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India impressions

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Amber Fort from Maota Lake, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Dec. 30, 2012 (c.) Brigitte PlessisAs recorded by the collection of snapshots in the past two weeks, my first visit to India has been most rewarding and diverse. Obviously, there were downsides, from a certain of level of (personal) paranoia about bugs, germs, bacteria and viruses (!), i.e. about food and water, to a rather unpleasant stay in a medium range traveller hotel in Varanasi (before moving back to a more up-scale hotel, thanks to Nicolas and Pierre!), to a moderate (for me!) impatience when faced with delays and inefficiencies. But the numerous historical places and temples, the diversity of the people, the exotic fauna and flora, the amazing colour pallet of towns (from the Red Fort to the Pink City) and people, the highly pleasurable food, the many discussions with locals in trains, museums and hotels, all those more than made up for the above downsides and made me wish for other visits to India in the near future (and acknowledge my need of a certain buffer in accommodation, alas!). Continue reading