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Diophantine riddle

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The weekly riddle from The Riddler is to find solutions to the Diophantine equation


(when b and c are positive integers). First, forget about ChatGPT since it states this is a Pell equation. With a wrong argument. Second, when running a basic R code, using as.double to handle larger integers, the only solution less than 10⁶ this code returned was

[1]    999799 999700015

with the first column being c and the second b. But this is not a correct solution!, as confirmed by Mathematica, which states there is no integer solution. This makes sense when looking at the unique real solution (in c) of the cubic


since the solution (using Cardano’s formula) involves


leaving the inverse of 27 as the only non-integer term in the expression when b is even… (The exact solution that this Diophantine equation has no solution is simpler: the lhs is a multiple of 3, while the rhs cannot be, as shown by looking at b(3).)

latest math stats exam

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As I finished grading our undergrad math stats exam (in Paris Dauphine) over the weekend, which was very straightforward this year, the more because most questions had already been asked on weekly quizzes or during practicals, some answers stroke me as atypical (but ChatGPT is not to blame!). For instance, in question 1, (c) received a fair share of wrong eliminations as g not being necessarily bounded. Rather than being contradicted by (b) being false. (ChatGPT managed to solve that question, except for the L² convergence!)

Question 2 was much less successful than we expected, most failures due to a catastrophic change of parameterisation for computing the mgf that could have been ignored given this is a Bernoulli model, right?! Although the students wasted quite a while computing the Fisher information for the Binomial distribution in Question 3… (ChatGPT managed to solve that question!)

Question 4 was intentionally confusing and while most (of those who dealt with the R questions) spotted the opposition between sample and distribution, hence picking (f), a few fell into the trap (d).

Question 7 was also surprisingly incompletely covered by a significant fraction of the students, as they missed the sufficiency in (c). (ChatGPT did not manage to solve that question, starting with the inverted statement that “a minimal sufficient statistic is a sufficient statistic that is not a function of any other sufficient statistic”…)

And Question 8 was rarely complete, even though many recalled Basu’s theorem for (a) [more rarely (d)] and flunked (c). A large chunk of them argued that the ancilarity of statistics in (a) and (d) made them [distributionally] independent of μ, therefore [probabilistically] of the empirical mean! (Again flunked by ChatGPT, confusing completeness and sufficiency.)

Those who live by ChatGPT are destined to get advice of unpredictable quality

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anything and everything and ChatGPT

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Just another run at the veneer of logic (and LaTeX) in nonsensical replies from ChatGPT!


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