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Posted in pictures, Running with tags , , , on February 10, 2012 by xi'an

This morning I  tried to run in the local parc but it was below -6⁰ and my fingers and feet soon started to feel like logs so I had to give up after only 20mn… Sadly, because the waterways were all frozen and the early morning light was beautiful. In addition, all the fountains were on (presumably to keep them from freezing) which added to the beauty of the place. As a side effect, huge huge domes of ice had accumulated at the bottom of the sprays, reminding me of the huge mound of frozen spay facing Chutes Montmorency in Québéc…

Actually, I ran a 5km on Saturday in Malakoff, where it did not feel that bad. I ended up 20th out of 175 (3rd in my V2 category) in 18’46” (about 15″ better than two years ago) and surprisingly got a tee as a reward if not another cup! The temperature differential with the previous race was about -35⁰… Which may explain why I did better!

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