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Solstice [Blanca Li dance company]

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Yesterday night, we went to watch a [contemporary] dance show entitled Solstice in the nearby Les Gémeaux theatre. (With real tickets this time!) As I had no notion of what the show was about, it came as a massive shock, from the design of the scene, sitting under a white cloud that turns to fog or to waves, to the powerful soundtrack, oscillating between industrial music and Western Africa djembe and kora, including a scene with percussions made of hitting water, to impressive dancers, conveying vividly different stages of life and death and communion with or rejection from nature… The final scenes involving a dark sand that could substitute for water, pollution, or just the sand of a fighting arena, were particularly strong and moving. But so were those in a recreated tempest, with a stunning video background. Brilliant!

end of my dream! [aka no free lunch]

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In June, last June, I received a collection of nominal tickets for the National Theatre next door, Les Gémeaux, which animates a rich and diverse scene, attracting to my suburb spectators from all over Paris. Scene that I do not attend as much as I would like, except for a few contemporary dance shows now and then… As I had not ordered these tickets, I was rather pleasantly surprised and wondered at the source of this princely gift, ruling out close family and anonymous sponsors! And the size of it was way too much for a commercial teaser. The most likely explanation was thus a mistake send to the wrong X. Nonetheless, being at home for the first concert, I went to check whether or not my allotted seats were occupied. And unsurprisingly they were. (I did not push the cheek as far as engaging into a discussion with my homonym!) Missing an Austrian theme with Mozart and Haydn. (But I have regular tickets for ext weekend!)


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On Saturday, I drove my daughter to a dance show where she was taking part and what started as a taxi chore  to a faraway suburb (very different from Monet‘s days!) ended up as a very pleasant evening. The show at the Théatre du Grenier was indeed a very good mix of professional companies and of younger dancers (with enough practice and skills to convey a clear picture despite some imperfections) and of diverse types of dances. While a hip-hop company gave a very impressive display of cohesion and graceful strength, the most powerful message was delivered by a company from Clermont-Ferrand called In Ninstan, though a minimalist but intense display by the three dancers.

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