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coastal birds [jatp]

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birds of the Tonlé Sap lake [jatp]

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the raven, the cormorant, and the heron

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This morning, on my first lap of the Grand Bassin in Parc de Sceaux, I spotted “the” heron standing at its usual place, on the artificial wetland island created at one end of the canal. When coming back to this spot during the second lap, I could hear the heron calling loudly and saw a raven repeatedly diving near it and a nearby cormorant, who also seemed unhappy with this attitude, judging from the flapping of its wings… After a few dozens of those dives, the raven landed at the other end of the island and this was the end of the canal drama! Unless there was a dead fish landed there, I wonder why the raven was having a go at those two larger birds.

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