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Posted in Statistics, University life with tags , , , on May 30, 2011 by xi'an

Today I completed a referee’s (anonymous) report for Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology  and I received the following acknowledgement:

Thank you very much for submitting your review of the manuscript “xxxxxx” for Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology. We greatly appreciate your efforts. Should the manuscript be accepted for publication, you will receive a blind copy of the publication notification to the author(s).

Thank you very much also for your promptness. Accordingly, we are pleased to credit your account in the Authors & Reviewers’ Bank with 1 credit(s) for this review. We hope that you will soon use these credits to submit a paper of your own, so that you can take advantage of and enjoy the same prompt attention during the peer review process for your manuscript.

Thank you again for your help. We hope you will send manuscripts to us and continue to referee for us in the near future.

This is a fairly interesting refereeing system where one gains credits (1 or 2) for refereeing papers and burns credits (2 or 3) when submitting papers. In case of a deficit at submission time, one must promise to referee two papers in the near future and leave a credit card deposit against the possibility one later renegade on this promise! The charge is then $200! Rather direct, but fair in the way that one has to referee papers if one expects others to referee one’s papers. (I wonder if there is a black market for selling those credits…!)