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foliage to the max

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An easy riddle from The Riddler that did not even require coding! Given that a tree changes colours at a random time A distributed according to a Uniform distribution (over (0,1)) and that it sheds its leave at a random time B distributed according to a Uniform distribution (over (A,1)), what is the time when a maximal number of trees show their new colour?

Which means optimising in t the probability that A<t<B. Which is equal to -(1-t)log(1-t) and maximal for t=1-e⁻¹, resulting in a (maximal) fraction of e⁻¹ of the trees holding to their new colour at that time.

leaves & masks [cover]

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streets of Philly [jatp]

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end-to-end Bayesian learning [CIRM]

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Next Fall, there will be a workshop at CIRM, Luminy, Marseilles, on Bayesian learning. It takes place 22-29 October 2021 on this wonderful campus at the border with the beautiful Parc National des Calanques, in a wonderfully renovated CIRM building and involves friends and colleagues of mine as organisers and plenary speakers. (I am not involved!, but plan to organise a scalable MCMC workshop there the year after!) The conference is well-supported and the housing fees will be minimal since the centre is also subsidized by CNRS. The deadline for contributed talks and posters is 22 March, while it is 15 June for registration. Hopefully by this time the horizon will have cleared up enough to consider traveling and meeting again. Hopefully. (In which case I will miss this wonderful conference due to other meeting and teaching commitments in the Fall.)

horse ghost [jatp]

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