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slow food day

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Yesterday, 21 April, was slow food day in Italy, and I took the opportunity of a visit to the Rialto fish market in Venezia to buy and cook some squids in their ink, which proved a fairly good dish. The other attempt at cooking Sant’Erasmo violet artichokes did not work so well, as I left too many of the outer leaves…

Sceaux snapshot [jatp]

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raddishThis year, a new stand at the farmers’ market offers local and unusual varieties of fruits and vegetables, including radishes of at least five different colours. When I bought a bunch yesterday morning, the seller gave me two additional bunches, which means I will be eating radishes the whole week (or until they get too peppery!).

market static

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[Heard in the local market, while queuing for cheese:]

– You took too much!

– Maybe, but remember your sister is staying for two days.

– My sister…, as usual, she will take a big serving and leave half of it!

– Yes, but she will make sure to finish the bottle of wine!

art brut

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