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les petites sorcières

Posted in Kids, Travel, Wines with tags , , on June 29, 2013 by xi'an

We went to this Paris bistro, les petites sorcières, by a double piece of luck, the first one being that I had found the name in a restaurant guide at home, the other one being that they had had a cancellation just prior to my call. And it happened to be the Fête de la Musique night, the yearly celebration started by Jack Lang in the Mitterrand era on Solstice night where any musician can get in the street and play the whole night! The whole city was thus inundated by meandering people going from one band to a bar and from a bar to a DJ… No indoor music at les petites sorcières but a nice if cacophonous background. And fairly interesting food with a definitively Belgian touch (incl. of course the Gentse Waterzooi and waffles in many guises!). But no beer on the (short) wine list! And an oversized bill for what remains (good) bistrot food.