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41% or 27%? [more than 13 million far right voters]

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élections #1

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On the evening of the first round of the French præsidential elections, I took part in the dépouillement (a strange term meaning a passive or active removal of one’s property, which sounds related to poux (lice), meaning taking everything from someone, including their lice!, but actually originate from despoliare, which also led to despoil) of the votes in the local precinct, which consisted in opening the blue envelopes and sharing the name of the candidate with my colleagues. Surprisingly, there were no null vote and very few empty envelopes. In my rather working class precinct, the far-left candidate, Jean-Luc Mélanchon, came close to the majority of the votes, an indication of a vote utile as the other leftist candidates got hardly any vote. (The far-right candidates got around 20% of the votes.) This clashes with the overall results for my town, where Emmanuel Macron got 40% of the votes.

brown sludge

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promises, misses

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The French presidential elections are in two weeks four days and it sounds like a secondary issue, given the current state of the Universe! Incl. Russian massacres in Ukraine and Mali… Today Last week’s Le Monde had a comparative list of programs and promises for all twelve candidates, some of which I found hilariously absurd, in a sort of surrealist poem:

  • abolish presidential elections
  • abolish regions
  • abolish bank privacy
  • abolish State medical aid (AME)
  • abolish public debt for European countries
  • abolish tax evasion
  • abolish foreign language initiation in primary schools
  • abolish student selection by universities
  • create a French Google
  • create a French State microprocessor company
  • create five State museums abroad
  • create a Civil Code for animals
  • disassemble all existing wind turbines and prohibit new ones
  • expel jobless aliens
  • free all political prisoners
  • increase birds by 10%
  • nationalise all forests larger than 20 hectares
  • open a prison in the Kerguelen Islands for terrorist prisoners
  • prohibit concrete
  • prohibit overtime
  • prohibit horse meat
  • prohibit layoffs
  • prohibit political judges unions
  • prohibit ideological teaching at school
  • reduce parking tickets to 17€
  • recruit 90,000 (10%) new teachers
  • support stable cryptocurrencies
  • terminate the obsession with inclusion
  • train 500,000 extra code developers

(The challenge being to identify which candidate(s) supports which measure.)

primaire [game over]

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