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French clichés

Posted in Books with tags , , on January 5, 2010 by xi'an

There is an interesting paper in Times by Charles Bermner about French clichés found in the French press: here are the top fifteen, with their English equivalent…

— la cerise sur le gâteau [the cherry on the cake, icing]

— dans la cour des grands [the big kids’ playground, the big league]

— le vent en poupe [running before the wind, with the wind in the sails]

— un pavé dans la mare [a cobblestone in the pond, set the cat among the pigeons]

— caracoler en tête [to prance in the lead, to be far out front]

— attendu au tournant [awaited at the bend, lying in wait for someone]

— revoir sa copie [revise his (exam) copy, sent back to the drawing board]

— l’ironie de l’histoire [the irony of the story, ironically]

— la balle est dans leur camp [the ball is in their court]

— ne connaît pas la crise [has not been touched by the crisis]

–la partie émergée de l’iceberg [the tip of the iceberg]

— à qui profite le crime [who profits from the crime?]

— les quatre coins de l’Hexagone [the four corners of the Hexagon, i.e. France]

— s’enfoncer dans la crise [plunge deeper into (the) crisis]

— une affaire à suivre [a matter to be followed, a story to watch],