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only in India… [jatp]

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Last time I visited India, I highlighted an advertisement for a machine-learning match-making system. This time, while eating a last aloo paratha for breakfast in Kolkata, I noticed ads for Hindu temples on the back of my Air India boarding passes which are actually run by the State of Gujarat rather than the temples themselves. (Gujarat is India’s westernmost state.)

Mother India

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advertising in the streets of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, Jan. 10, 2013I saw several Amul posters during my trip to India and they all were related to women’s rights in the aftermath of the atrocious rape in Delhi, so I assumed this was a political party or organisation. However, when checking on the Web, I found that Amul is a dairy cooperative from the State of Gujarat, selling milk and milk products like ghee. It however runs ads involving their mascot, which can be quite political. Like the one above taken on my way to the airport in Varanasi. Or the one protesting the repression of the post-rape demonstrations in Delhi.

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