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garden resident

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unexpected visitor

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hedgehog meets litter [hog of the ring]

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[(c.) Picture by Chris Packham for the Lidl campaign Keep Britain Tidy]

Visit of an hedgehog

Posted in Kids, pictures with tags , on May 31, 2010 by xi'an

On Friday, a [visiting] friend of my kids pointed out to us an hedgehog crossing our lawn. We watched it for a while meandering in the grass before it vanished through the fence. The same (?) hedgehog came back on Saturday and it was quite unfazed by my presence, so I took a few pictures while it was visiting my rhubarb patch…

I am quite amazed that hedgehogs manage to survive on the very small patches of “nature” remaining around our densely urbanised suburb… (A wild boar made it to the local park a few years ago but this is another scale!) Two years ago, there was actually a family nesting into a pile of leaves but they did not show up last summer and early this year I saw one hedgehog killed on the nearby road. This could have been the mother of the current one… Which I hope will remain in the garden for a long while!

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