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hiccups or death throes for pangolin?

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screen shot with ubuntu 10.10Today my Ubuntu system had a strange pathology, almost freezing in any Internet connection, whether using a cable connection or wireless, even ping did not answer and nothing wrong on the process table… I checked the hardware by dual-booting on windows (for the first time since I installed Linux on this laptop) and seeing no such feature on Explorer. After a few reboots, it came back to normal. I wonder if this is an incomplete safety upgrade or a signal that my cheap laptop is coming close to the end of its life cycle. A life started right after Kyoto. Since I am leaving for Pittsburgh and Toronto next week, I should try to re-install a Linux version on another machine this weekend….

moaning for the good olde days

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Mom on a tablet!

Posted in Kids, pictures with tags , , , , on December 30, 2011 by xi'an

This X’mas, we decided to connect my mother to the Internet, as she was getting increasingly bothered by various local and national administrations for not filling forms on-line and for preferring agent-based to web-based support… She was also complaining of not seeing our family pictures any longer, except when we were sending her a USB key for her digital photo frame. So we got an Internet connection package from the local provider, along with a Samsung tablet that was offered as part of the package. Terrific! The connection started working almost instantly, using the tablet proved very manageable for my mother who had never touched a computer before (and who cannot handle the DVD player on her own!), and she sent the first email of her life! As well as looked on google map for a restaurant on a local beach town for the first time! (Sadly most restaurants were closed for the winter… We still managed to have a superb shellfish lunch in Ouistreham, near the ferry harbour.) I think this was a better solution than providing my mother with a computer, since she will only use the browsing, Skyping, and emailing facilities of the machine, relying on USB keys to download photographs. A few hours after starting the whole process, I am still amazed at how easily she got into the thing.