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More typos in Monte Carlo Statistical Methods

Posted in Books, Statistics with tags , , , , on October 16, 2009 by xi'an

Following my earlier post, I received further typos from Amir Alipour and Gholamhussein Gholami, a former student of mine now teaching in Iran, found in Monte Carlo Statistical Method, again concentrated in a limited number of pages:

“Page 37, Example 2.2, X_n \in [0,1]. Then 2X_n-1 \in [-1,1] should has the same behavior as a sequence of random numbers distributed according to the arcsine distribution not X_n itself. Furthermore, in figure Fig.2.1, you have used a function y_n=F(x_n) without explaining that what it is.
Page 52, Example 2.19, line 26. “Since the maximum …”. The power of 1-b should be a-\alpha, otherwise we will end by b=a/(2a-\alpha). I didn’t get why it should attain its maxima!! while we are looking for the smallest bound.
Page 53, Example 2.20, line 10. The ratio should be f/g_\alpha(z)=e^{\alpha(z-\underline{\mu})}e^{-z^2/2}.
Page 53, Example 2.20, line 15. It seems Eq. 2.11 should be

Page 583, Negative Binomial distribution, n+x+1 should be n+x-1

and I have posted those new typos on the associated (Hall of Shame!) webpage. The last one is particularly embarrassing! Many thanks to those two Iranian readers!

As an aside, it seems the new edition of The Bayesian Choice, originally intended as a paperback, is now printed as a hardcover, which makes it a real deal at $39 (or 30 euros)!!!