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ABC in Cancún

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abcpestouHere are our slides for the ABC [very] short course Jean-Michel and I give at ISBA 2014 in Cancún next Monday (if your browser can manage Slideshare…) Although I may switch the pictures from Iceland to Mexico, on Sunday, there will be not much change on those slides we both have previously used in previous short courses. (With a few extra slides borrowed from Richard Wilkinson’s tutorial at NIPS 2013!) Jean-Michel will focus his share of the course on software implementations, from R packages like abc and abctools and our population genetics software DIYABC. With an illustration on SNPs data from pygmies populations.


Cancun, register before Feb. 15!

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Early bird registration for the ISBA 2014 World Meeting in Cancún, México, ends up on Feb. 14. Since the fees are already astronomical ($410 for ISBA students and $510 for other ISBA members), it is definitely worth to register now. (As debated in an earlier post, I am opposed to the steep inflation in conference fees and do not buy the argument of the all-included package. This is certainly most convenient for the conference organisers or treasurers, but I do not want to pay for meals I will not enjoy [and in some cases not even take]. Especially when the cost is multiplied by 5 since four of my PhD students will travel to Cancún as well. Whoever is building a proposal for ISBA 2016, please bear that in mind! As we will when making our proposal for ISBA 2018 in Edinburgh.)