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O’Bayes17, next December in Austin

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The next edition of the OBayes meetings is taking place this December in Austin, Texas! On the campus of the University of Texas (UT), organised by Carlos Carvalho, Peter Mueller,  James Scott, and Tom Shively. On December 10-13. Following a tradition of more than 20 years—I went to most meetings although I missed the very first conference in West Lafayette, Indiana, and only stayed 27 hours in Shanghai!, plus adopted the O’Bayes logo for the Aussois meeting, even though I meant the number of the year rather than for the edition!!—, this meeting brings together researchers interested in objective Bayes theory, methodology, and applications, and related topics, to provide opportunities for young researchers, and to establish new collaborations and partnerships. (The meeting is the biennial meeting of the Objective Bayes section of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis, of which I happen to be the current president.)

The list of speakers and discussants this year is quite impressive and far reaching, and everyone is more than welcome to present a poster at the workshop. The first (Sun)day will see a series of tutorials, given by members of the scientific committee (myself included), followed by three days of invited talks with discussions,  plus a poster session on Monday night. And possibly a desert excursion on Thursday! It should be a great meeting and I most warmly invite all ‘Og’s readers to join us in Texas!

ISBA gets [officially] younger!

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I just missed the news that another section of ISBA had been officially created: j-ISBA stands for Junior-ISBA and aims to:

  1. promote and provide a forum for early career Bayesian researchers.
  2. organise conferences, workshops, and sessions in other meetings.
  3. provide social networking tools for early career Bayesian researchers in order to discuss research, exchange ideas with each other, and connect with the Bayesian community at large.

Annual  membership dues are $5 and if you join now during ISBA’s Fall Member Promotion, your membership will be extended until December 31, 2013!    Membership  in the section is limited to current students and junior researchers within five years of completing a degree.

The initial officers of the section are:

  • Section chair: Andrew Cron (Term: July 2012-December 2014)
  • Chair-elect: to be elected (Term: January 2014-December 2014)
  • Program chair: Francesca Ieva (Term: July 2012-December 2013)
  • Secretary: Marian Farah (Term: July 2012-December 2013)
  • Treasurer: Perla Reyes (Term: July 2012-December 2014)

The first election will be organized concurrently with the 2014 ISBA elections in the Fall of 2013, and will elect the Chair-elect, Program chair, and Secretary who will take office Jan 1, 2014. 

Exciting (Bayesian) times!!! Another by-product of the fantastic Kyoto meeting?!

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