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COVID-19, the musical

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My friend Anto has been instrumental in creating this musical about COVID-19 vaccine, now translated into English
from the Italian original by by Lorenzo Baglioni

urgent call for two scholarships for COVID-19 research at the University of Insubria, Como, Italy

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My friend Antonietta Mira sent me this urgent call for two short-term research positions at her Italian university, in Como, Lombardia, Italy. The deadline is 25 August, 2020! (Please send any enquiry to her, not to me!)

Professor Antonietta Mira has received financial support for two scholarships, one for 6 and the other one for 9 months, for research related to COVID-19.

The gross monthly salary is 2666 Euros per month. Most of the research can be conducted remotely. The starting date of the scholarships will be approximately the first of October 2020.

The application deadline is 25/08/2020 at noon. The two calls only differ by the duration of the position (6 months or 9 months). Interested candidates should submit one application for each of the two calls unless they have a specific preference for one of the two durations.

Applications should be sent by e-mail to segreteria.dipsat[AT] with scanned handwritten signature and a copy of the identity card.

We are looking for is a brilliant researcher ideally with a doctorate in statistics or related subjects, autonomous in data analysis and estimation of models for forecasting. The researcher will collaborate with a research team with interdisciplinary competences. The research aims to predict the impact of the COVID-19 Wave on the Emergency and Urgency System in Lombardy.

If their PhD is not completed the applicants should finish their thesis by the end of the year or consider the research conducted under the fellowship as part of the research for the doctoral thesis.

The call is only available in Italian. Please note original documents and official translations are not needed when submitting the application. They will be only needed in case the applicant becomes the selected candidate for the position

additional deaths in England & Wales

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Source: United Kingdom Office for National Statistics

David Spiegelhalter wrote another piece for The Guardian about the number of COVID-related deaths in Britain, remarking that with the objective statistic of excess death, the kingdom is doing worse than any other country, including Belgium which is reported as the worst performer in the fight again the pandemic based on its reported COVID death numbers. David also shows the proper degree of caution in providing reasons for this terrible record rather than starting the blame game. One factor differentiating England from other countries like Italy being the spread of its COVID clusters, partly due to the higher mobility of the population, in particular its travelling for vacations. (The comparison also reveals a stable higher level of overall mortality in the UK when compared with south-west EU countries, except Portugal. It surprisingly misses Germany, which is unlikely to be a country with missing statistics!)

JB³ [Junior Bayes beyond the borders]

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Bocconi and j-ISBA are launcing a webinar series for and by junior Bayesian researchers. The first talk is on 25 June, 25 at 3pm UTC/GMT (5pm CET) with Francois-Xavier Briol, one of the laureates of the 2020 Savage Thesis Prize (and a former graduate of OxWaSP, the Oxford-Warwick doctoral training program), on Stein’s method for Bayesian computation, with as a discussant Nicolas Chopin.

As pointed out on their webpage,

Due to the importance of the above endeavor, JB³ will continue after the health emergency as an annual series. It will include various refinements aimed at increasing the involvement of the whole junior Bayesian community and facilitating a broader participation to the online seminars all over the world via various online solutions.

Thanks to all my friends at Bocconi for running this experiment!

totale rispetto

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