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turning forty…

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The previous days have been rather tough thanks to another heat wave all over Europe, with the temperatures at home reaching above 40⁰ (outside) yesterday afternoon and more importantly not getting under 30⁰ inside the house at night, as there was no wind at all to cool it down. (Except in the basement  where I ended up sleeping.) After a certain point, as I am pretty susceptible to hot weather, working became impossible and I spent the rest of the day alternating between drinking cold water, taking cold showers, eating radishes, and watching low intensity movies (like The Crimes of Grindelwald!). The day before, my daughter and I tried a late afternoon trip to the nearby outside pool in the parc but this proved quite a disaster as it was so crowded that it was almost impossible to do laps (in a water of questionable composition). Temperatures are now down a wee bit but I wondering at ways to better insulate our house against what is becoming the new “normal”…. Like installing a massive circus tent every summer.

Deathly Hallows

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Upon completion of The Host, I grabbed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from my bookshelves, deciding to read it again. I had only had one go at this book, when it appeared four years ago. Reading it again at a more leisurely pace means paying more attention to style and not only to the story per se. Beside the coherent construct of the Potter universe, the last book in the series is certainly the most achieved and the most profound of the seven books, (The fact that many questions raised in the previous six books find an answer there obviously help!) Continue reading