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head position at Warwick stats

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The Department of Statistics at Warwick seeks a new head to continue to develop and advance the quality of its education and research. The successful candidate will be appointed as a professor on an indefinite basis and will have a strong research and leadership profile. The appointment as Head of Department will be for three years in the first instance, with an option to extend. The next Head will work with this large and diverse community of academics and students, and support collaboration with the wider University. They will represent the Department to public and private audiences, nationally and internationally, and develop networks to promote the work of the Department. The deadline for applicants is 28 September 2018.


Bayesian Decision Analysis

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In 1989, I wrote my very first book review, which appeared in JASA, about “Decision Analysis: A Bayesian Approach“, by J.Q. Smith, professor at the University of Warwick. I have now received from the Short Book Reviews section of the International Statistical Review another book of Jim Smith to review, namely Bayesian Decision Analysis. Before getting on discussing the current book, let me acknowledge that my review of 1989 was far too rash and critical! While acknowledging that the 1989 book developed “concepts not usually dealt with in Bayesian classics”, I bemoaned the lack of connections with classical Bayesian decision theory, as exemplified by Berger (1985) and missing entries about noninformative priors, prior construction, bounded loss shortcomings, &tc. While I remain attached to the approach adopted in Jim [Berger]’s book,  I now see much more clearly the point made in Jim [Smith]’s 1989 book and thus regret a posteriori the tone of this review as une erreur de jeunesse

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