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posterior distribution missing the MLE

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An X validated question as to why the MLE is not necessarily (well) covered by a posterior distribution. Even for a flat prior… Which in restrospect highlights the fact that the MLE (and the MAP) are invasive species in a Bayesian ecosystem. Since they do not account for the dominating measure. And hence do not fare well under reparameterisation. (As a very much to the side comment, I also managed to write an almost identical and simultaneous answer to the first answer to the question.)

O Canada! [Happy 150th birthday!]

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I am just taking off from Paris to Montréal today for MCM 2017, on Canada Day which happens to be the 150th National Day. I have already spent three instances of a Canada Day, in both Ottawa and Banff, but this is the first in Québec and I am curious to see the atmosphere in Montréal for this occasion. If there is anything to see, since the Montréal Jazz Festival is already started…

Louise Falls [WI 5]

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Today I went climbing Louise Falls, right next to Lake Louise, with Gery Unterasinger leading. (Gery is a local guide originally from Austria, who happens to know very well another Austrian guide, Bruno, with whom I climbed the Studelgrat route on the Großglockner a few years ago, small world!) The weather was fantastic: cold enough to trust the ice, but without the freezing wind of the past days. The approach walk is quite easy from the Lake Louise parking lot, following the edge of the (frozen) lake for about 20 minutes (the only worry being to have to step away from the horse-sleight bringing tourists to the end of the lake).

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