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a photographer’s demise

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50/50 photography competition [another public image]

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in the street for a year

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Just like about every year, I sent two of my pictures to the photography competition of Paris Dauphine, with not much consideration for the theme “green the future”, and was hence quite surprised to get selected this time! (Almost as much surprised as last year when an almost perfect copy of my picture of the Alcazar Baths of Lady María de Padilla got selected!) As I could travel back from Oxford to attend the opening ceremony, I went there last night, wondering at which of my pictures had been selected (Lac Pavin, Auvergne versus the Quinrang, Skye)…

And so this picture will remain exposed in the street, boulevard Lannes, for the incoming year, meaning I will cross it each time I bike to the university! The 22 other pictures were more in tune with the theme of a green future, like the winning one of a fast moving métro carriage at the station Chemin Vert. Or this simple blade of grass growing from ashes…

And thus the winner is… Continue reading

Wind of Okhotsk [photograph]

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Breizh atav [Armor ha Argoat]

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Two “strong” pictures of Bretagne [Brittany] taken this summer by my friend Gilles Barés. Armor and Argoat are Breton for (land near the) sea or cost, and (land of the) forest or bocage. (Breizh atav [pronounced /a.ˈta.o/] means Bretagne for ever or eternal Bretagne.)

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