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The prodigal mage

Posted in Books, Kids with tags , , , , on August 24, 2010 by xi'an

“Children. How empty our lifes would be without them…and how much less painful.” The prodigal mage

While staying in Yosemite, I read The prodigal mage by Karen Miller. This is a sequel to the Kingmaker Kingbreaker books that I appreciated, even though they were not without flaws. (I prefer the Godspeaker trilogy by the same author, as explained in this post.) This new series of two books has kept the same setting as the initial series, starting with a weak idea that occurs in many sequels, namely that the evil entity the hero(s) must fight is not really dead/destroyed/gone… The (relative) appeal of this new book is that the hero (Asher) is getting old and bad-tempered, as well as more and more reluctant to use his magical powers and that his son Rafel has inherited those powers and does not understand why he could not use them. So, while the overall story is a bit thin, the family plot offers some interest as to the conflict of generations (at least to me as a parent!). Obviously, The prodigal mage is not written by Victor Hugo so the style is not always perfect, with some heavy going dialogues, but this makes for a good vacation read. The second part, The reluctant mage, is already out in hardcover. It (predictably) centers on Rafel’s sister, Deenie, who is also endowed with special powers she’d rather do without, reproducing the pattern observed in her father. However, I will wait for the paperback version and future vacations, looking forward reading soon the third and alas not  last part of Shadowmarch by Tad Williams (which shares a lot with this series, even though the local universe is deeper and more interesting).

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