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at the beach [jatp]

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military records of two great-grand fathers

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Here are the military records [recovered by my brother] of two of my great-grand-fathers, who both came from Western Normandy (Manche) and both died from diseases contracted in the Army during the first World War. My grand-father‘s father, Médéric Eude, was raising horses before the was and hence ended looking after horses in the Army, horses from whom he contracted a disease that eventually killed him (and granted one of my great-aunts the status of “pupille de la Nation”). Very little is known of my other great-grand-fathers. A sad apect shared by both records is that both men were retired from service for unfitness before been redrafted when the war broke in August 1914…

in memoriam

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Armistice Day

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The 11th of November is still celebrated as a bank holiday in France with ceremonies in every town in front of the “monument aux morts” and, even though the last “poilu” of World War I passed away in 2008, there still is a ceremony conducted by the President under the Arc de Triomphe… This year, it reminded me rather obviously of both my maternal grand-parents as they were children of this terrible war. Continue reading

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