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keep the werewolves at Bayes…

Posted in Kids, pictures, Statistics, University life with tags , , , on February 2, 2014 by xi'an


Following a light post by Rasmus Bååth on choosing a mascot for Bayesian statistics (even though the comments did not remain that light!), and suggesting puppies because of John Kruschke’s book, I commented that werewolves would be more appropriate! (Just to be perfectly clear, I do not think Bayesian analysis needs a mascot. And even object to the use of Reverend Bayes’ somewhat controversial picture.) To which Rasmus retaliated by sending me a customised cup with John Kruschke’s book‘s cover. Rising to the challenge, I designed my own cup by Googling a werewolf image and adding the text “keep the werewolves at Bayes… by sticking to your prior beliefs“. In retrospect, I should have instead used “to keep the werewolves at Bayes… run, little Markov chain, run!“. Maybe Definitely another cup in the making!