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A new series of mishaps

Posted in Kids, R, University life with tags , , , , , on March 13, 2011 by xi'an

Following the slight difficulties of last week, I had a hard week on the computer front: indeed, on Monday, I received my 2007 macbook from the repair shop, with a new video card, courtesy of Apple. Unfortunately, this started a series of problems. First, the old macbook stopped recognizing the NVIDIA video and, while it worked under VESA, the system got unstable to the point that I had no choice but to install Maverick Meerkat (Ubuntu 10.10) to make it work again… This proved rather unsuccessful in that the new installment is periodically login me out, especially when I am under Firefox or Acrobat… (Most items are working, though, including the bluetooth Apple mouse… Anyway, Pierre kindly offered to take a look over the weekend.) This was not the end of my worries, though, as I stupidly typed sudo chown xian on my new macbook while on / (when I thought I was on /home/xian). This was very very s.t.u.p.i.d. (I committed this major error during Pierre’s talk two days ago, while typing my post on SMC²!) and it also ruined the whole system, despite a manual attempt at recreating the ownership of the system directories… This also ended in a reinstallation of Maverick Meerkat from the start, which surprisingly did not produce the same outcome as the first time, with hardly anything working. Even under the minimal Ubuntu configuration. So this morning I once again started from scratch, using the whole disk and letting the installation CD make all the decisions. Except for the sound (!), everything seems to be working now. Including the webcam as shown above. (Once I installed Isight.) Then tonight, the hinge of the macbook Air I keep at home (and often borrowed by my daughter) broke, a frequent problem with macbook air‘s as I brought one from the department to the repair shop on Monday in exchange for my repaired macbook… And to make the day complete, this morning a neighbouring car kindly pointed out to me a flat tire on my car! I am glad I recovered my bike with a new axis earlier this week…

Maverick Meerkat [10.10]

Posted in Linux with tags , , , on December 16, 2010 by xi'an

About one year after I failed to install Ubuntu 9.10 on my Macbook pro, I had another try with Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat!) Here is a copy of the screen:

The nice thing is that it worked right out of the installation CD. No add-on for wireless to install. (This post was made with the new Mac!) The only remaining difficulty is to work out how to cut-and-paste with the touchpad, as the sound isssue has been solved thanks to the special MacBookPro/Maverick page. Moving from Ubuntu to Kubuntu was about as seamless,

and while I still have a few items to install, including acrobat, both R and LaTeX are working fine. This is a constant conclusion with Linux: it eventually works out if one wait for the right version, with the obvious drawback that new material does not fit this scheme!