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rate of convergence for ABC

Posted in Statistics, University life with tags , , , , on November 19, 2013 by xi'an

Barber, Voss, and Webster recently posted and arXived a paper entitled The Rate of Convergence for Approximate Bayesian Computation. The paper is essentially theoretical and establishes the optimal rate of convergence of the MSE—for approximating a posterior moment—at a rate of 2/(q+4), where q is the dimension of the summary statistic, associated with an optimal tolerance in n-1/4. I was first surprised at the role of the dimension of the summary statistic, but rationalised it as being the dimension where the non-parametric estimation takes place. I may have read the paper too quickly as I did not spot any link with earlier convergence results found in the literature: for instance, Blum (2010, JASA) links ABC with standard kernel density non-parametric estimation and find a tolerance (bandwidth) of order n-1/q+4 and an MSE of order 2/(q+4) as well. Similarly, Biau et al. (2013, Annales de l’IHP) obtain precise convergence rates for ABC interpreted as a k-nearest-neighbour estimator. And, as already discussed at length on this blog, Fearnhead and Prangle (2012, JRSS Series B) derive rates similar to Blum’s with a tolerance of order n-1/q+4 for the regular ABC and of order n-1/q+2 for the noisy ABC

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