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cycle static

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Heard while (safely and slowly) passing a group of pedestrians on a shared green-way, south of Paris:

“Les gens un jour je vais tous les tuer.”

which roughly translates as “One of these days, I will kill all people.” And whose meaning (if any) escapes me.

métro static

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gare RER de Sceaux, May14, 2012[During a particularly painful métro trip, a man kept talking and talking in a very aggressive and somewhat incoherent manner. It is not until the end of the ride that I realised he was speaking on the phone to a relative… and not to an inexistent other self!]

“Vous voulez me faire jouer un rôle hein mais ca ne marche pas avec moi, vous jouez tous des rôles, la journée finie, vous rentrez chez vous, vous vous démaquillez, vous enlevez vos masques. Plutôt vous avez deux masques, un pour la journée et un pour le soir, le vrai et le faux, le faux c’est celui de la journée.”

market static

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[Heard in the local market, while queuing for cheese:]

– You took too much!

– Maybe, but remember your sister is staying for two days.

– My sister…, as usual, she will take a big serving and leave half of it!

– Yes, but she will make sure to finish the bottle of wine!

métro static

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“Mon premier marathon je le fais en courant.” [I will do my first marathon running.]

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