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Rosso di Montalcino

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Milano street-art [jatp]

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slow food all’italiani

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prohibited! [jatp]

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Annals of Universal Statistics

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When visiting the highly interesting Museo del Risorgimento in Milano last week, I came across the following item:stating that some Italian intellectuals started publishing the Annali universali di statistica [instead of the Annals of Universal Statistics!] in 1824 as a mean to defend nationalist and republican ideas again the Austrian censorship and oppression. Statistics being then considered as a fundamental tool supporting political economics and scientific forms of government.

Milano skyline [jatp]

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A Milano [not jatp]

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Today, I went to Milano for 13 hours to give a seminar at l’Università Bocconi. Where I thus gave a talk on Testing via mixtures (using the same slides as at ISBA last Spring). It was the first time I was in Milano (and thus at Bocconi) for more than a transfer to MCMski or to Pavia and it was great to walk through the city. And of course to meet and share with many friends there. While I glimpsed the end of the sunrise on the Italian Alps (near Monte Rosa?!), I was too late on my way back for the sunset.