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the new museum ruining my views!

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lvmfarIn the past years, I have see a construction grow and grow under my office windows in Paris-Dauphine, ruining my views of the towers of La Défense, as seen on the above picture. This huge building designed by architect Frank Gehry has now opened as the Fondation Louis Vuitton museum, exposing artworks owned by LVMH and Bernard Arnault. Since I am very close to it and could not get an idea of what it looked like from my office, I took a Vélib yesterday and biked the kilometer between Porte Dauphine and the museum. As it had just opened, it was fairly crowded but I could still take a few pictures of this elegant sail-boat made of glass panels, without entering the art gallery itself…

lvm5 lvm3


Once the novelty has worn out and the crowds thinned down, I will be back to look at the exhibits. In the meanwhile, I for sure will not forget its presence…!

Museum of Modern Art, Beaubourg

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First Sunday of the month! My daughter dragged me out for a quick afternoon trip to Centre Pompidou, the Paris Museum of Modern Art. We thus stuck with a single floor, housing the contemporary art collections, and reserved the (older) modern art floor for another trip.

The collection is centred on female artists, along the theme of elles@centrepompidou, and I found the quality of the exhibit quite mixed, from the very good (as shown by those few pictures) to the uselessly grotesque (e.g., Orlan)… The good thing is that, despite this haphazard juxtaposition, my daughter found a wide range of pieces to her taste, including the very deep Passages III by Catherine Iglesias, Nathalie Elemento’s sculpture of a bookcase or Gloria Freedman’s rendering of a bow tension.

There was also a temporary exhibit of collages by Erró. While some had lost their power, other collages remained very meaningful despite their age.

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