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angelic visit to Mt St Michel

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three decades back

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Yesterday, I (we) found myself (ourselves) back in time, precisely 34 years ago, as we drove our daughter to Orly airport for her flight to Cayenne, French Guiana. And the start of her internship. Indeed, this is also the airport from which I left for Purdue University in 1987 and where my parents drove me then, more for sentimental reasons than out of necessity, as I had much less luggage than Rachel! This old airport has not changed that much, apart from the sharp increase in security restrictions. At the time, my parents were able to stay till the plane to Chicago left (two hours late) and watch it take off from the terraces of the airport. This time, we were just unable to enter the airport beyond the parking lot and watched the plane take off (one hour late) from a flight tracker! But overall there was the same bittersweet feeling of seeing one’s kid move (far) away for a major and exciting step in their professional life. (When I called my mom to watch for the plane flying west straight across Normandy, very close to our family roots, she reminded me of that and also of my grand-parents watching my plane flying by… Without a flight tracker! I actually remember spotting Mont Saint-Michel on that trip.) Fare well, Dr. R, and see you soon!

Trip back in time

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(This is yet another post of no particular interest for most readers, another Sunday musing about family history and “old” days…)

Last week, I went with my brother to help my mother move items away from my grandmother‘s house, which has just been sold.  (A bit of a surprise as the house has no strong appealing features and the mud walls in some parts could even be considered a nuisance!) There were only a few items of furniture and it was quickly done, but it was also the opportunity to say a last good-bye to places where I spent my summer vacations and that I will presumably not visit in a long while… Things had already changed so much that it indeed felt like a place from a distant past. The post WWII prefabricated wooden house my grandparents lived in for most of my childhood had disappeared, as had their beautiful garden, the small Norman town they lived in had lost most of its soul thanks to an ugly supermarket built right in the middle, and the empty house now sounded as if it had been abandoned for ages, so different was it from the well-kept home of my grandmother! Only Mont-Saint-Michel that we passed on the way there remained the same majestic silhouette in the distance, as well as in time, since it had played an important role in my grandfather’s life… Continue reading

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