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cooking experiments [more fixation on food]

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I received the above bowl (or jar?) above as a[nother X’mas] gift. Not only it is a beautiful pottery from a Norman handicraft centre, at Noron-la-Poterie, but it is specially designed to cook Norman-style rice pudding, and it does it superbly! (The recipe stems from bakers cooking rice in cold and creamy Norman milk while their traditional wood oven was cooling down. The ensuing slow cooking produces a very creamy rice pudding.)

Besides testing this new bowl, I further experimented on the kitchen front this week with a Nutella galette des rois and a red wine risotto, both of which were far from successes! Maybe due to the poor Pic Saint-Loup I used… The most notable achievements were borrowed from two recipes I found in The Guardian. Including a sweet potato tarte tatin. Even though the sausage and kale dish found therein let me [and even more my family] quite dubious about the appeal of kale for human consumption…

Carambar spread

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After discovering last Fall Speculoos spread (about as addictive as Nutella spread!), I found in a molecular cooking kit a recipe for creating Carambar spread! It is actually very easy: melt 16 Carambars into 40g of cream and let the liquid thicken into a spread. (Carambar is a French caramel candy I used to buy once a week when I was a kid, also popular with dentists as it is both very hard and very sticky!) The result is not hard enough to qualify as a spread, even though it tastes right.

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