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the new building!

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The Department of Statistics at Warwick has moved to a new MSB building, next to the Zeeman building, with a lot of light and open space, including a sort of atrium in the centre. It remains to be seen how comfortable this new glassy structure will prove, in hot and cold weather, and how it will stand the test of years (months?!). It seems the place was not designed purposely for mathematicians and statisticians, as many are complaining of the lack of blackboards (and even of whiteboards!) versus an overwhelming number of voracious screens. (Funny enough, the early video selling the building included these blackboards!) And it is unclear how so many glass panes can be contributing to the carbon neutral goal. Still, so far, I enjoyed the light and luminosity of my office, but this may change in the rare event of a grey day… (And no indoor place to store bicycles! But I did recover my bike where I had left it last time.)


unusual view of my office [jatp]

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end of a long era [1982-2017]

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This afternoon I went to CREST to empty my office there from books and a few papers (like the original manuscript version of Monte Carlo Statistical Methods). This is because the research centre, along with the ENSAE graduate school (my Alma mater), is moving to a new building on the Saclay plateau, next to École Polytechnique. As part of this ambitious migration of engineering schools from downtown Paris to a brand new campus there. Without getting sentimental about this move, it means leaving the INSEE building in Malakoff, on the outskirts of downtown Paris, which has been an enjoyable part of my student and then academic life from 1982 till now. And also leaving the INSEE Paris Club runners! (I am quite uncertain about being as active at the new location, if only because going there by bike is a bit more of a challenge. To be addressed anyway!) And I left behind my accumulation of conference badges (although I should try to recycle them for the incoming BNP 11 in Paris!).

from my office (#6)

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Arnoldo and Eva are out of the office

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Due to a wrong calibration of the ISBA email announcing the publication of the latest ISBA Bulletin, the whole ISBA membership is now getting the automated email responses of those ISBA members (like Arnoldo and Eva!) who are away from their mail (“I am out of the office until…“). Worse, each one of those automated responses is inducing a further cascade of automated responses from the other ISBA members who are away from their mail..! Will it ever stop? cause the Internet to stop by noon today? bring the World to an early end?! (I am actually surprised that the computer systems do not recognise those “away from” messages and do not prevent them from bouncing happily back and forth between Indianapolis and Oslo and… I am also glad very few members chose to activate this option on their mailing system! Otherwise we would have already reached hundreds of emails instead of “just” a few dozens.)

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