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on-line course

Posted in Kids, pictures, Statistics, University life with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on September 4, 2020 by xi'an

Since this teaching semester is 100% on-line in Paris Dauphine for the third year students, I started last Monday to teach my statistical modelling course from my office on my computer. Using a Teams connection with the 180⁺ students,  sharing my slides or my webcam with them, and writing on a Huion drawing tablet to write on the pdf slides (or on Teams whiteboard). I found the most convenient way to write on the slides was via Xournalpp. From my end of the exchange, the class went on rather smoothly, with students interacting about the practical and contents of the course. As I have also recorded my lectures (in August), and hope the students to first go through the recordings, I will see next time how much effort they have put into assimilating the material, as the on-line class will mostly concentrate on questions and applications. I also hope to have a quick multiple choice question at the end (or beginning?) of each class, but am still fishing for an interface that would (a) handle LaTeX or MathJax (b) shuffle questions from a pool of questions so that each student gets a different question (or thinks so) and (c) store the outcome of the test. Any suggestion welcome!

ubuntu update

Posted in Linux, pictures with tags , , , , , , , on August 11, 2020 by xi'an

As I had delayed my ugrade of my Ubuntu 16.04 Linux OS way beyond the reasonable, I eventually found myself forced to do it in the least favourable version earlier this week, as the University was closed and my computer support friends were on (well-deserved) vacation. Indeed, my graphical interface went blank and no amount of rebooting was making any change, while I had access to a line editor which was kindly suggesting the command for the upgrade. After a moment of hesitation, I followed the recommendation and prepared for either a long wait or a tragic error message, but nothing like that happened in that the download of the new version was lightning fast and the upgrade itself lasted less than one hour, leaving me with a fully operational 18.04 version. And amazed at recovering my earlier tuning, with even better performances..! (The only glitch is that the colours seem to have turned more reddish or auberginish.) One worry I had with using a Huion graphics tablet [that I had just bought with my amazon credits in preparation for my on-line classes next semester] vanished when I found it had the same minimal performances as earlier [meaning I can write using Gimp, although this app always challenged me, Xournal, which allows for writing on top of my pdf slides, or Microsoft Whiteboard, which works like a potentially infinite whiteboard, but I have no access to the physical control buttons on that tablet]. A happy ending or rather beginning with Bionic Beaver, then, albeit a possibly short one as I should move now to Ubuntu 20.02 version, expecting a similarly smooth transition unless my HP laptop has some compatibility issues

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