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Argentan half-marathon [1:26:03, 22nd/329, 4th V2/63, 15⁰]

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Despite failing to reach the podium this year in my V2 category, a predictable first as I get closer to move to the next category, V3, or “senior grandmaster”, and missing by a few seconds my 1:25 target, I was rather happy with this half-marathon, having run at my pace the whole race, with none of the low passages I had in previous races and instead feeling quite well in the last kilometers, where I left the first female runner. Weather was perfect, with no sun, no rain, and no wind in the second half. The three V2 runners in front of me were much faster (1:22, 1:24, and 1:25:21) than those of the previous years, an illustration of the law of small numbers found in these races…

Norman sunrise [jatp]

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Argentan half-marathon 2016 [1:23:28-23/380-V2 2/74-16⁰]

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And yet another Argentan half-marathon! Which started this blog, so to speak, 8 years ago… Although I could not repeat my feat at the San Francisco half-marathon, as I had lost my high altitude benefits, I managed well enough, with a good overall time of 1:23:28 and a second place in the V2 category, once again. I gained more than one minute from last year time, despite a strong face wind and thanks to sticking to a small group of younger runners. This is one of my best times since the start of the blog in 2008, so I am clearly very happy with the result. And plan to celebrate tonight with a top Montpellier wine!

more of the Norman fog

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Last weekend, I visited the town of Ecouché, in Normandy and came back with the feeling of having stepped out of time. Indeed, the relatively large town seemed stuck in another era, with hardly any shop or even signs of activity, very old houses, small passageways, and a church that was never finished although started in the XVth century (see below).It seems that that the town has progressively faded out of importance, from being a major fortified city in the times of William the Conqueror and the Hundred Years War to loosing its treadmills and agricultural fairs… Ending up today with several century old abandoned houses that are not even for sale.