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Discussions on semi-automatic ABC [arXived]

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I have now collated eight discussions of the Read Paper by Paul Fearnhead and Dennis Prangle from various contributors and places (even though there is a strong French component). It has been compiled into an arXiv document as on earlier occasions. What took me the better part of one late hour was to remember to put \pdfoutput=1 at the top of the file for arXiv to compile directly with pdflatex! To quote from the experts,

A common mistake made by authors as well as many macro packages is incorrect testing for \pdfoutput to decide whether pdflatex is run in dvi mode or pdf mode, or whether the processing is done in regular latex mode. The underlying engines used to be different and a simple test for \ifx\pdfoutput\undefined was sufficient to distinguish between all options. This is no longer the case, because the underlying engine is the same for all 3 cases and therefore the value of the \pdfoutput parameter has to be tested, too.

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