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Valencia 9

Posted in Statistics, Travel with tags , , , on February 7, 2010 by xi'an

José Bernardo has just sent around the poster for the latest (and last) Valencia meeting. As discussed in a previous post, the location is the densely urbanised coastal town of Benidorm and the poster does nothing to hide the fact. This actually keeps with the tradition of the previous posters, maybe because including the picture and the name of the hotel is part of the deal. (One exception was the poster for Valencia 4 with a picture of the papal palace in Peñiscola.) It is then just as well that the meeting is attended for the quality of the talks and the pleasant—at least till the late part of the evening! —company of fellow Bayesians than for the touristic attraction of the location (although I am sure most attendees will disagree with this assessment!).

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