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Les statistiques, évitons de rentrer dedans

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A new campaign against urban road accidents caught my attention because of the above slogan… Playing on the double meaning of rentrer dans les statistiques (becoming part of the statistics) and of rentrer dans quelqu’un (hitting someone). The case for hitting motorbikes is particularly acute on the Paris beltway:  motorbikes are driving between lanes at speeds that are very different from those of the cars and when changing lanes in dense traffic (with a car) it is almost impossible to account for the possibility of a motorbike arriving at 100 km/h or above. There are around 800 accidents per year involving bikes on the beltway. Last time I went to the airport, my taxi got hit several times by a biker who was unhappy with the taxi changing lanes, despite him having signalled well in advance and all that… (Note the funny reflection of the pink tag on the car, also implemented in the other pictures. I am not sure what’s the point there.) Continue reading


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The other day, I was driving on the Paris beltway (le “périphérique“) on one of these annoying occurrences I have to be at both of my offices (and thus cannot use my bike nor the métro), and I passed a car with a mother (?) driving with her (?) very young] toddler on her knees!!! While the beltway is not particularly dangerous, the traffic on it is quite intense, with sudden and frequent jams.  Not mentioning the bikes driving between the two leftmost lanes at high speed. So I could not believe this woman was ready to risk her child’s life in such an insane way! (When I risk mines, I can at least pretend ignorance!!!)

Invitation au voyage

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“Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté,
Luxe, calme et volupté.”

Charles Beaudelaire, Les fleurs du Mal.

In preparation for a series of plane trips over the coming months, I ordered (and received) a noise-cancelling headphone. Although they are definitely pricey, I picked the Bose QuietComfort 15 Headphones and they are definitely upscale! The noise reduction provided by those headphones is almost frightening and some people who tried those headphones found the effect too strong for their taste! (As I usually add earplugs to my (old Sennheiser) headphone when I fly, I am not worried about this type of side-effect!)  I only tested the noise reduction with the traffic on the periphérique flowing through my open office window in Porte Dauphine and it reduced to a slight hum… The design is also very well-done, with the audio cable easily detachable and the battery fitting in one of the headphones. The only “negative” aspect so far is the absence of volume control on the cable, but since my primary goal is to use these headphones to sleep and relax in a plane, this is minor. (Obviously, the around-the-ear fit also gets uncomfortable after a while with high temperatures, again an unlikely combination with long distance flights…)