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Improving convergence properties of the Data Augmentation algorithm

Posted in Statistics, University life with tags , , , , on February 7, 2012 by xi'an

Our paper Improving the Convergence Properties of the Data Augmentation Algorithm with an Application to Bayesian Mixture Modeling, written with Jim Hobert and Vivek Roy during their latest visit to Paris a few years ago (!), has now appeared in arXiv, Statistical Science and project Euclid. I already mentioned in a previous post why this is an important paper for me. (There is nothing new  here, compared with this earlier post, except that the paper was re-posted on arXiv!)

Vanilla on-line

Posted in Statistics, University life with tags , , , , on February 18, 2011 by xi'an

The Vanilla Rao–Blackwellization of Metropolis–Hastings algorithms paper with Randal Douc is now published in Annals of Statistics (Volume 39, Number 1 (2011), pages 261-277) and available on-line via the project Euclid. We are currently working with Pierre Jacob on an extension of this idea towards parallelisation

IMS Lecture Notes on line

Posted in Books, Statistics with tags , , on April 28, 2010 by xi'an

When writing the review of Sober’s Evidence and Evolution: The Logic Behind the Science, I incidentaly found that all IMS Lecture Notes books are available on-line, free, through Project euclid. This is fantastic! This is for instance the case for Berger and Wolpert’s classic, The Likelihood Principle.

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