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Selection of muslin tea bags, Palais des Thés

tea blog

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Looking with my daughter for pieces of information about tea fermentation (towards a school project), we found this beautiful site, called La Voie du Thé (The Tea Way). Plentea of iteams of teasdom and great teactures!!! Plus links to other tea-blogs.

Snapshots from 上海

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Before joining the O’Bayes 2011 conference, Linda kindly took me on a quick morning tour of the Bund, the historical colonial district of Shanghai. This was very nice, bringing back memories of my friend José de Sam Lazaro telling me about his childhood there in the French concession, and the views of the Huangpu River in a mist [that did not lift for the whole day] were terrific. (The photo below not only gives an hazy idea of the Pudong district, but it incorporates a well-hidden statue of the former mayor of Shanghai in typical Maoist attire, as well as a few security cameras that seem to be everywhere.) However, I felt a bit sorry (and not only from a tourist’s point of view) that there was no visible remnant of an older Shanghai (I mean, older than the colonial buildings on the Bund) that seemed to have been entirely razed to build new tall buildings in a rather haphazard fashion… The whole city is brimming with construction work, from high-rise buildings in the centre to the many housing complexes I saw from the highway.

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Pu Er tea

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I came upon this Chinese tea by chance as Palais des Thés added a free sample of Pu Er Imperial to my last order. However, I got immediately addicted to its unique taste of wet soil and leather, with a distinctive coppery colour that I have not seen in other teas. I am apparently not the only one appreciating this tea since it led to a speculative bubble that burst a few years ago.

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