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India snapshot (#4)

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Chinkara gazelles, Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, India, Dec. 29, 2012

Although the visit of the Ranthambore National Park felt too much like a tourist trap, with dozens of jeeps and trucks criss-crossing the dirt roads at a density such that it is surprising they ever see tigers!, it was quite informative to observe the reactions (and plain colonial attitudes) of our fellow jeep passengers:

– (To me) Could you sit in the middle? I had the middle seat on the previous trip and I could not see a thing.

– (To the driver, after crossing a cattle herd) Now that we have seen these cows, could we please move somewhere where we can see some wild animals? Is this still the National Park? We are supposed to spend the visit in the National Park!

– (To the driver, as we were visibly heading back) Sir, we have paid till 10:30, there remains one hour, could we go somewhere else in the park and look for some wild animals? We should be given another chance to see tigers…

नया साल मुबारक

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wall painting, Ranthambore, Rajasthan, Dec. 28, 2012

India snapshot (#2)

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sunset on the road from Tonk to Ranthambore, Rajasthan, Dec. 28, 2012Definitely a snapshot, caught once again from the car as we were driving in the sunset towards the Ranthambore National Park…. And illustrating my impression of a very harsh land for women as they could be seen carrying wood, water, food, or fodder along the roads, but also working in the fields, carrying gravel on construction sites,  looking after children, and very very rarely having chai with pals on a roadsize shack, unlike the male part of the population. (Obviously, looking at a place solely from the viewpoint of a car backseat is a sure way for oversimplification, but the opposition was nonetheless striking!)

India snapshot (#1)

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highway out of Jaipur, Rajasthan, IndDec. 28, 2012Highly interesting drive from Jaipur to Rathambore today! Going along an Indian highway is a sure way to discover the Indian way of life, even if it can get very puzzling at times…

off to India

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Tomorrow morning, I am off to India, first for a week of touring in Rajasthan, starting with the city Jaipur, and nearby states, then for the ISBA conference in Varanasi (Bénarés) organised by Satyanshu Upadhyay and the DST Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences at the Banaras Hindu University. The list of speakers and the program of the conference is quite impressive and I am looking very much attending this conference (as well as the first leg of the trip, of course). (I hope to get enough broadband and to keep my camera long enough to post a few pictures along the way…)

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