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inferno [remembrance day]

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O forêt de l’Argonne ! hélas ! je t’ai connue
A l’heure où la bataille a pris tes horizons ;
Un de tes noirs ravins me tient lieu de prison
Et j’y vis face à face avec ta Beauté nue !…
Mais, soit que le soleil chauffe tes frondaisons
Ou que le givre pende à tes cimes chenues,
J’entends le vent râler parmi tes avenues
Comme la voix des morts couchés sous ton gazon.
Marc de Larréguy de Civrieux, Décembre 1915

questioning the Bayesian choice

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When I woke up (very early!) in Oaxaca, on Remembrance Day, I noticed a long question about The Bayesian Choice contents on X validated. The originator of the question (OQ) was puzzled about several statements in the book on maximum entropy  methods, from the nature of the moment constraints, outside standard moments, to the existence of a maximum entropy prior (as exemplified by quantiles), to the deeper issue of the ultimate arbitrariness of “the” maximum entropy prior since it is also determined by the choice of the dominating measure. (Never neglect the dominating measure!) A more challenging concept, hopefully making it home with the OQ.

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