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home-grown food [mush/bathroom]

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do and [mostly] don’t…

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Cancun14Rather than staying in one of the conference hotels, I followed my habit of renting a flat by finding a nice studio in Cancún via airbnb. Fine except for having no internet connection. (The rental description mentioned “Wifi in the lobby”, which I stupidly interpreted as “lobby of the appartment”, but actually meant “lobby of the condominium building”… Could as well have been “lobby of the airport”.) The condo owner sent us a list of “don’t” a few days ago, some of which are just plain funny (or tell of past disasters!):

– don’t drink heavily
– don’t party or make noise
– don’t host visitors, day or night
– don’t bang the front door or leave the balcony door open when opening the front door
– don’t put cans or bottles on top of the glass cooktop
– don’t cook elaborate meals
– don’t try to fit an entire chicken in the oven
– don’t spill oil or wine on the kitchentop
– don’t cut food directly on the kitchentop
– don’t eat or drink while in bed
– avoid frying, curry, and bacon
– shop for groceries only one day at a time
– hot water may or may not be available
– elevator may or may not be available
– don’t bring sand back in the condo