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On a dreary evening…

Posted in Kids with tags , , , , , , on March 5, 2011 by xi'an

My daughter wrote the following funny and absurd to-do-list during a particularly dreary evening:

When you do not know what to do on a dreary evening you can

  • Raise a tent inside your bedroom,
  • Start a pillow-fight with the mirror,
  • Build a rubber duck in another material,
  • Get the breakfast table ready for the next morning,
  • Set all alarm-clocks in the house to 4am,
  • Train for a new signature on several rolls of toilet paper,
  • Order a pizza for the neighbours that are already asleep,
  • Write your memoirs in a book entitled Moi,
  • Sort fruits and vegetables by colour,then by size,
  • Evaluate the average filling time of a sand-glass,
  • Classify the spider webs in the house,
  • Build a temporary bed out of one’s books,
  • Paint one’s bedroom in fluorescent paint that forces monsters away,
  • Hide chocolate eggs all over the house for the next morning,
  • Shoe-shine others’ slippers,
  • Build a temporary bed with eight Kapla boxes,
  • Store letters cut in magazines in preparation for anonymous letters,
  • Post advertising posters in one’s street about the incoming Moi,
  • Create a trendy clothes rack.
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