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5k (-2c)

Posted in Running with tags , , on February 13, 2010 by xi'an

I survived my 5k race today in Malakoff despite a cold wind that lowered the temperature way below the forecasted -2C… Taking off my long pants and my sweater to run with a single layer thus required some mental arguing!!! Unsurprisingly, I did not end with a great time, 18:52 (18:59 official time), but this was to be expected given my two weeks of 35mn footing per day with no split session. I thus ran the 5k at my regular speed … for a semi-marathon! Good training anyway for the climb two weeks from now in Scotland. My next race in sight is the 5k in Robinson where I started to hurt last year. If it does not take place during the Warwick meting… (I just checked and it does!)