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Snapshots from 上海

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Before joining the O’Bayes 2011 conference, Linda kindly took me on a quick morning tour of the Bund, the historical colonial district of Shanghai. This was very nice, bringing back memories of my friend José de Sam Lazaro telling me about his childhood there in the French concession, and the views of the Huangpu River in a mist [that did not lift for the whole day] were terrific. (The photo below not only gives an hazy idea of the Pudong district, but it incorporates a well-hidden statue of the former mayor of Shanghai in typical Maoist attire, as well as a few security cameras that seem to be everywhere.) However, I felt a bit sorry (and not only from a tourist’s point of view) that there was no visible remnant of an older Shanghai (I mean, older than the colonial buildings on the Bund) that seemed to have been entirely razed to build new tall buildings in a rather haphazard fashion… The whole city is brimming with construction work, from high-rise buildings in the centre to the many housing complexes I saw from the highway.

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上海, 天际线 [Shanghai skyline 1]

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Tutorial in Shanghai

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I have reached Shanghai yesterday night after a relaxing night trip in an almost empty plane (and a painful taxi ride that seemed about as long!), ate an enjoyable dinner with Larry and Linda, but could not connect to the ‘Og‘s admin site, despite having a great hotel connection… I am thus posting through email the link to my O’Bayes 2011 tutorial slides for today, hoping it will come out fine! If not, apologies! (It worked!)

O’Bayes 2011 program

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The program of the O’Bayes 2011 meeting in Shanghai is now on-line. The first day, June 11, is a tutorial session given by the organisers, as usual, and I will give a short talk on computational methods (Monte Carlo, MCMC and ABC) for Bayesian inference. The regular talks start on Sunday, June 12, and close on Wednesday, June 15, with two afternoon breaks on June 13 and 14, including a cruise on the Huangpu river. The venue for the workshop is  on Putuo Campus, ECNU. The early registration is extended till May 15 and the final deadline is May 31. Again, this is a good opportunity to meet new Bayesians from China and to explore Shanghai on the side… (I will unfortunately do little of this, being due in Paris on the 13th, and so spending only 30 hours in China, and thus missing a large chunk of the workshop.)

Bayesian conference in 上海 [O’Bayes 2011]

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Just to remind ‘Og‘s readers that the 2011 International Workshop on Objective Bayes Methodology will take place on June 11-15th 2011 at East China Normal University  (Putuo Campus), Shanghai (上海), China. The deadline for early registration has been extended till May 10. This should be a wonderful opportunity to exchange about the latest in objective Bayes methodology, to meet Chinese Bayesians and to discover that part of China. (Actually, there is a possibility of an excursion to Guilin, Xi’an and Beijing after the meeting!) Here is a picture of my visa, received today.

O’Bayes [20]11 in Shanghai

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Following the O’Bayes [20]09 meeting in Philly, the next O’Bayes meeting will take place in Shanghai, June 11-15, at the East China Normal University to be precise. Information can be found on the website of the conference. Here is the announcement:

The principal objectives of OBayes2011 are to facilitate the exchange of  recent research developments in objective Bayes methodology, to provide opportunities for new researchers to shine, and to establish new collaborations and partnerships that will channel efforts into pending problems and open new directions for further study. O-Bayes2011 will also  serve to further crystallize objective Bayes methodology as an established  area for statistical research.
The workshop will consist of a tutorial session, a series of invited talks  followed by discussion and a poster session dedicated to contributed work.

The speakers are already listed on the website. (I will most likely attend the first two days of the conference and give an MCMC tutorial there, but unfortunately cannot stay for the whole duration of this workshop…) Note that the registration is rather high ($300 for regular participants and $150 for students) but that it includes full catering (which may be a debatable benefit if you want to sample the local delicacies!) and that the hotel is quite cheap if I understand correctly ($45 per night). There is also a Jim Berger travel grant for graduate students.

Bayesian nonparametrics

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Here is an announcement for the 8th Bayesian Nonparametrics workshop:

The 8th Workshop on Bayesian Nonparametrics will be held from June 26 to 30, 2011 in Veracruz, Mexico. The objective of the meeting is to bring together experts and young talented scientists devoted to the study and application of Bayesian nonparametric techniques. The workshop is organized under the auspices of the Mexican Statistical Association (AME) and the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA).

The meeting will be structured in 4 tutorials on special topics, a series of invited and contributed talks and contributed posters sessions. For those interested this event will be preceded by the Mexican Workshop on Bayesian Statistics (TAMEB) which will feature a day of introductory courses (in Spanish) to Bayesian statistics.

As in the last Valencia meeting, there is also a student’s video/animation competition with a $1000 prize.

Although the timing of the workshop does not clash with the objective Bayes O’Bayes 2011 conference in Shanghai, those two meetings taking place within one month on opposite sides of the World will certainly put some pressure on two close and intersecting communities… (The ideal planning for future meetings on Bayesian Nonparametrics and O’Bayes conferences would be to hold them in the same location one after the other to make the most of travel expenses.)