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from least squares to signal processing and particle filtering

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Nozer Singpurwalla, Nick. Polson, and Refik Soyer have just arXived a remarkable survey on the history of signal processing, from Gauß, Yule, Kolmogorov and Wiener, to Ragazzini, Shanon, Kálmán [who, I was surprised to learn, died in Gainesville last year!], Gibbs sampling, and the particle filters of the 1990’s.

métro static

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[In the train shuttle at Birmingham airport, two young guys, maybe back from SPA 2015, discussing signal processing:]

– In Bayesian statistics, they use a different approach to testing hypotheses… You see, they put priors on the different hypotheses…

– But in the end it all boils down to concentration inequalities…

another borderline conference

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Following yesterday’s surprise at the unpleasant conference business run by WASET, I was once again confronted today with conference fees that sound like an unacceptable siphoning of research funds and public money. One of my PhD students got earlier personally invited to present a talk at EUSIPCO 2015, a European signal processing conference taking place in Nice next September and she accepted the invitation. Now, contrary to yesterday’s example, this EUSIPCO 2015 is a genuine conference sponsored by several European signal processing societies. From what I understand, speakers and poster presenters must submit papers that are reviewed and then published in the conference proceedings, part of the IEEE Xplore on-line digital library (impact factor of 0.04). As the conference is drawing near, my student is asked to register and is “reminded” of small prints in the conference rules, namely that “at least one author per paper must register by June 19, 2015 at the full rate”, student or not student, which means a 300€ difference in the fees and has absolutely no justification whatsoever since the papers are only processed electronically…

eupiscoI checked across a few of the past editions of EUSIPCO and the same rip-off rule applies to those as well. I see no rational explanation for this rule that sounds like highway robbery and leads to the de facto exclusion of students from conferences… In fine, my student withdrew her paper and participation at EUSIPCO.

Bill Fitzgerald (1948-2014)

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Just heard a very sad item of news: our colleague and friend Bill Fitzgerald, Head of Research in the Signal Processing Laboratory in the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge, Fellow of Christ’s College, co-founder and Chairman of Featurespace, and fanatic guitar player, passed away yesterday. He wrote one of the very first books on MCMC with Joseph Ó Ruanaidh, Numerical Bayesian Methods Applied to Signal Processing, in 1996. On a more personal level, he invited me to Cambridge for my first visit there  in 1998 and he thus was influential in introducing me to my friends Christophe Andrieu and Arnaud Doucet. Farewell, Bill!, and may the blessing of the rain be on you…

Postdoc position at Telecom Paris

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Another announcement I got today, for an interesting postdoc with Olivier Cappé at Telecom, covering potentially Bayesian applications:

A one year post-doctoral position is offered at the Laboratoire Traitement et Communication de l’Information (LTCI), the joint laboratory of CNRS and Telecom ParisTech (aka ENST), physically located in Telecom ParisTech‘s buildings in downtown Paris.

The position is within the project MGA (Graphical Models and Applications), funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR). The MGA project is a joint research project with teams from INRIA (Francis Bach), Mines ParisTech (Jean-Philippe Vert) and Ecole des Ponts ParisTech (Jean-Yves Audibert). The MGA projects deals with graphical models (in a broad sense) and applications in bioinformatics, computer vision and natural language processing. The MGA team is, among other things, organizing a regular seminar on machine learning that gathers researchers and students from Paris area in mathematics, computer science, and various application domains. Within LTCI, the postdoc will be in the STA (Statistics and Applications) Group and supervised by Olivier Cappé.

Candidates should have a PhD in the areas of machine learning, computational statistics or signal processing. Familiarity with (at least one of) kernel methods, graphical models, Bayesian computation, inference in latent variable models will be appreciated.

The postdoctoral researcher will be employed by the CNRS with a net salary of about 2000 EUR per month. The position is for one year, starting January 2010. Candidates should send a detailed CV, including a list of publications to Olivier Cappé (cappe [à]